About Us

The Institute of Biotechnology and Research Centre (IBRC) is located at Sikandra, Agra. It was established in May, 2006 with a focus to nurture the talent and place its students in MNCs. In the first phase it was started with the aim to contribute the pivotal exchange of knowledge in the field of Biotechnology by providing the opportunity and encouraging the young and budding biotechnologists to learn about the practical techniques employed in various edges of Biotechnology such as, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Microbiology. . IBRC has achieved enormous success in it as the students of this institute get jobs at higher positions in various biotech Companies and research institutes. With the suggestion and demanding nature of multi-national Biotech companies, this institute is now running various PG, undergraduates degree and diploma programs.

Institute of Biotechnology and Research Centre (IBRC) is committed for excellence in biotechnology. It is dedicated to educating teachers, students and the public about the promise and challenges of biotechnology. Through year-round programs, the Institute is creating a base of understanding and awareness about biotechnology among teachers and students -and building the next generation of leaders in the industry.